Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Avoid the Five Fatal Trading Mistakes and Start Winning in the Market Place

Free course

Cashflow on Demand with Covered Calls

Learn how to trade Options with Covered Calls Course

Instructed by Australian Investment Education

Course Description

The Cash Flow on Demand with Covered Calls Course is designed to provide all of the tools and support needed for anyone looking to trade the stock and options markets. One of the biggest advantages of options as a trading tool, is their flexibility, providing the opportunity for profit potential whichever way the market is going – up, down or sideways!

With an options strategy such as covered calls, many traders and superannuation investors look to generate additional cashflow for their portfolios in a lower risk way, by using this combo strategy. Add to this, the Dividend Centre, which you can use to best position yourself to receive the additional returns offered to investors through dividends, and your financial future is taking a turn for the good.

At the other end of the spectrum, traders seeking more aggressive trading strategies and returns will find the education to discover trade opportunities that target specific trading scenarios.

Our education base is designed to layer up, building a firm foundation of knowledge for you. Starting with the key factors on what determines an option’s price – a major part of in any trading plan, your confidence will grow quickly.

This course has been developed with the investor who is looking to generate cashflow in mind. Focusing on the Covered Call space, to sharpen your focus and genuinely build the confidence to apply this strategy with peace of mind, and focussing on delivering the return that you want.


Section 1:

Section 2:

  • 6

    Using Fundamentals from the Top Down

    Taking a Panoramic view of where to invest by understanding what is happening in the economy right now, can significantly improve your success rate.

  • 7

    Knowing your companies from the Ground up

    Understanding what your Companies actually do and what makes them tick will help you make better quality decisions and fully capitalise on the opportunities presented by Cashflow on Demand

  • 8

    Introducing Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis is a foundation skill for better timing your investment decisions and represents a critically important part of the Cashflow on Demand strategy

  • 9

    Reading and Understanding Charts – How to Slice and Dice

    Reading and understanding charts is made very simple by slicing and dicing your charts into profit wafers, helping you save time and have a very robust gauge on where you expect your shares to go next

  • 10

    Using or Not Using Indicators

    Keeping things simple and focused is one of the most important principles of successful trading and investing, and chosing whether or not to use indicators is an important stage in that process

  • 11

    Introducing Quants for Trading Options

    Adjusting what we consider Quants, specifically for Cashflow on Demand with Covered Calls, is a hugely important stage in trader development, and focusing on what is important, and what can be selectively ignored

  • 12

    Analysing Shares Like a Pro – Conclusion

    Bringing together all the elements of successful stock selection in a structured and easy to follow format is a key component in your Cashflow on Demand decision making – What, Why and When


Section 3:

  • 13

    A Brief Introduction to Risk Management and Stop Losses

    Managing Risk is the most important element of any successful trading and investing strategy and here we introduce the concept and principles of using a stop loss.

  • 14

    Introduction to Options – Buying a Call Option

    Understanding how an option works and some of the terms that go with it provides a firm foundation on which to grow your knowledge, confidence and around which, develop your strategy

  • 15

    Cashflow On Demand – Selling a Call Option

    Taking a step by step approach to generating Cashflow on Demand using options, this session explores the underlying principles of Covered Calls and why they work

  • 16

    Which Option To Sell – Selecting the Right Strike Price

    All Options carry multiple strike prices and selecting the ideal strike for your trades will significantly increase your outcome in matching your expection, be that more or less income or, althernatively, more or less growth

  • 17

    Which Option to Sell – Selecting the Right Options Expiry

    Finessing your strategy, to get the optimal return, requires a knowledge of time decay and how that impacts on the Cashflow on Demand Strategy. By consistently selecting the optimal options expiry date, you are stacking the odds increasingly in your favour

  • 18

    The Four Rules for Covered Call Success

    By building a checklist, based on a process, you can enjoy the benefits of clearer and easier decision making, as well as a significantly increased consistency of results, both being very attractive outcomes

  • 19

    Bringing It All Together – Starbucks

    Demonstrating exactly how all the elements of the program, so far come togther with a real life case study on a stock, reinforces the approach we take – when the process is right, the results always follow

  • 20

    Knowing Your Numbers – The Maths of Covered Calls

    Undertanding the simple yet important maths of covered calls is demonstrated, enabling you to template out the figures of every trade you take, making this both time effective and very transparent, in terms of your trade results.


Section 4:

Section 5:

  • 28
  • 29

    Risk Management and Using Stop Losses

    Having a stop loss is a non-negotiable if you want to enjoy long term success in financial markets and more importantly, have the ongoing ability to generate Cashflow on Demand

  • 30

    Risk Management and Position Sizing

    Ensuring that your positions are appropriately sized forms another extremely important component in professional risk management.

  • 31

    Risk Management and Diversification

    Diversification brings a critically important element to risk management, where too much or alternatively, not enough can skew your risk in the wrong direction.

  • 32

    Risk Management Using Put Options

    Incorporating Put Options to help manage risk within your trading strategy can add value at times. However, using Puts also comes at a cost and we explore here when and why to use puts effectively within your risk management.

  • 33

    Risk Management – Conclusion

    Bringing together all the elements of risk management, this session reinforces the non-negotiable elements of professional risk management.


Section 6:

  • 34

    Using Exchange Traded Funds within your strategy

    Exchange Traded Funds have been one of the fastest growing areas of Financial Markets for good reason and they can play a very important role in creating Cashflow on Demand by allowing you to capitalise on a variety of special scenarios. However, understanding how and why specific ETF’s perform the way they do is also very important.

  • 35

    Navigating the market safely using Implied Volatility

    By understanding the significance of Implied Volatility you will have a strategic advantage in your trading decisions, ensuring your Cashflow On Demand vs Risk are balanced out. Learn this and you are laying a foundation for long term success

  • 36

    What zone are you in and do your trades reflect that

    Taking this approach to your trading will provide you with a constantly up to date rating on every trade that you take, ensuring that the trade is more suitable to you and where you are in the journey, as at right now, compared with out of date or historical measures that attempt to do the same. This is pure gold and will ensure your confidence grows and your long term success is based on a robust framework

  • 37

    Three factors to live by for Successful Options Trading

    Pulling together these critical three steps will enable you to generate Cashflow on Demand in 3D, rather than 2D, providing a significant competitive advantage to you.

  • 38

    Bringing It All Together – Citigroup and Tiffany & Co

    By taking two real time, real life case studies, you will see exactly how all elements of the program seamlessly blend together to produce Cashflow On Demand, simply by following the process that you have learned throughout this course.

  • 39

    Creating Routine for Cashflow on Demand

    Building routine makes the process of successfully generating Cashflow on Demand a lot easier. More importantly, that routine doesn’t need to be time consuming – it just needs to be consistent. See how as a professional trader, the time investment is truly minimal.

  • 40

    Course Conclusion

    Bringing together the entire program, this summary will give you a clear sign post of what comes next in the journey!


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